About Us

About Road 2 Wear

Our Mission

Our mission is to show a positive, friendly and relaxing image while driving the vehicles that impassion us: motorcycles, 4-wheels, cars and trucks.  We are also interest in giving a professional, comfortable and adequate image for each activity on the road.

Our Inspiration

We have had many years in the transportation business. Our passion for all types of vehicles has led us to seek business related thereto. Road2Wear is our business and is our way to life.

Our Passion

People who are passionate about all types of vehicles generally like to do outdoors activities while enjoying scenic locations.  We have seen that there is no product that defines this group of people.  We decided to create our own brand because it represents a way of life.  We want people to feel proud of driving their vehicles.  Most of our apparel includes ilustrations and encouraging messages.

Our business

We decided to start making clothes because we want people to feel comfortable and proud when they go out for a ride. Road2wear is a way of life. Enyoing the outdoors activities with our vehicles and rejoicing the life to be in the road.

Enjoying outdoor activities with our ride and rejoicing the life to be in the road

A culture of fun

Our culture is the glue. It allows for our unique methods, processes and experiences to thrive.